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High Intensity Interval Training Circuit Routine for Fencing

March 18, 2020

Now we are all becoming troglodytes here is a thing we can do to improve our fencing.  Some years ago I produced a simple high intensity interval training (HIIT) circuit routine for fencing in response to the many fencers who asked me, what could they do at home to get better.  Many fencers have followed this and we have done this and variations of this in club sessions, also I put it on my website.  The program describes a range of exercises and provides a chart to fill out with results.  In 2015 I got an email from a South African fencer Richard Barnes-Webb saying thank you, he had used my program and credited it with helping him to achieve a great result in the achieving Silver in the South African Senior Open Men’s Foil!  The program is very flexible and can be adjusted to your own capabilities and preferences, the exercises build up to the most intense one, which is 1 minute of full squat jumps from the on-guard position, the record holder for this exercise is the mighty Danny Ming who achieved a staggering 80 squat jumps in a minute!!! Can anybody beat that!  Download the program from here – Fencing circuit routine table. Why not post your results and let me know how you get along, I am here for any advice or help you might want.  This is the email I got from Richard Barnes-Webb and the pictures he sent me.

“Hi Adam,

i thought you may want to know:

i’m an older fencer (40+) from south africa (admittedly not a famous fencing country).  and i’ve been using your circuit routine, that i downloaded from your site, on&off for the last 7months.  i try do do the routine 2-3 times a weeks; interspersed with running and actual fencing training.

anyway, i recently had a spectacularly good result: I lucked into Silver in the national senior open men’s foil.  i feel that your circuit training was instrumental in giving me an extra edge (esp. against them young ‘uns..).

so, thank you very much for putting your training material online; and. unwittingly, helping me.



PS: i’m the one 2nd from the right, in the blue shirt.”



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