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Fencing Equipment for Sale


I am able to order Chinese manufactured equipment at very competitive prices.  This is the same equipment that many UK based suppliers sell under their own brand name.  To order or enquire about equipment contact me at – or 07761 284378.  Orders are usually placed about once a month and will take two or three weeks to arrive.  To download a price list and size charts click here – Adam Blight – Fencing Equipment Price List-3 .  I can email photos and more details about any items if wanted.  Listed below are fencing equipment and prices which I am able to order, also in the final section are second hand and other items for sale.  If items need to be posted, contact me and I can provide delivery costs.  If you wish to order items please take great care in determining the correct size as I can’t easily change items for different sizes.

Code Name of Products Price Certificate
Weapons & Blades
Blade Size WS001 Epee ele.complete(pistol grip) 35.00
size length WS001-1 Epee ele.complete(rubber french handle) 35.00
5 90.0cm WS002 Foil ele.complete(pistol grip) 30.00
4 87.5cm WS002-1 Foil ele.complete(rubber french handle) 30.00
3 85.0cm WS003 Sabre ele.complete 30.00 S2000
2 82.5cm WS005 Foil practice complete, pistol grip, rubber or dummy point 25.00
0 77.5cm WS005-1 Foil practice complete, rubber french handle, rubber or dummy point 25.00
WS006 Sabre practice complete 25.00
WS007 Epee ele.blade(with wire & point)(full tang & short tang) 15.00
WS008 Foil ele.blade(with wire & point)(full tang & short tang) 15.00
WS009 Sabre ele.blade 12.00 S2000
WS013-1 Foil practice blade with rubber point(full tang & short tang) 12.00
BF-1 Foil blade MRG BF, with point and wire – ‘D’ – Hard or ‘M’ – Medium FIE
BF-2 Foil blade MRG BF blue, with point and wire – ‘D’ – Hard or ‘M’ – Medium FIE
VN-1 Foil blade MRG VNITI, with point and wire FIE
STM-1 Foil blade MRG STM, with point and wire, size 3 and 5 FIE
STM-2 Foil blade MRG STM coloured, with point and wire FIE
Mask Size Masks
Around mask Around face Size WS047 350NW epee mask 38.00 CE350NW
WS048 350NW epee mask with detachable lining 38.00 CE350NW
68cm 51cm SS WS051 350NW foil mask 38.00 CE350NW
70cm 52cm SM WS052 350NW foil mask with detachable lining 38.00 CE350NW
72cm 53-54cm SL WS053 350NW foil mask with washable bib (stainless bib) 38.00 CE350NW
74cm 56-59cm S WS054 350NW  foil mask with washable bib&detachable lining 40.00 CE350NW
76cm 61-64cm M WS055 350NW foil mask with replaceable bib 38.00 CE350NW
78cm 66-69cm L WS056 350NW foil mask with replaceable bib &detachable lining 40.00 CE350NW
80cm 73-76cm XL WS057 350NW foil mask with washable & replaceable bib 40.00 CE350NW
SS SM SL is for Child size WS058 350NW foil mask with washable& replaceable bib&detachable lining 40.00 CE350NW
S M L XL is for Adult size WS061 350NW sabre mask 45.00 CE350NW
The mask mesh can be stainless steel at an additional cost WS062 350NW sabre mask with detachable lining 45.00 CE350NW
WS063 350NW sabre mask with washable bib 45.00 CE350NW
WS066 350NW coach mask 40.00 CE350NW
WS067 350NW coach mask with detachable lining 40.00 CE350NW
WS068 Detachable lining 5.00
WS069 Replaceable bib 5.00
WS070 Repaceable bib(stainless) 7.00
Jacket Size Clothing
Women size 36-50 WS085 350NW competition uniform(3pcs) 83.00 CE 350NW
Men size44-62 WS086 350NW jacket 35.00 CE 350NW
Child size128-176 WS087 350NW pants 30.00 CE 350NW
Check details from the size tables WS088 350NW underplastron(RH/LH) 18.00 CE 350NW
WS088-1 350NW underplastron UNI-SIDE 18.00 CE 350NW
Zip: RH WS092 800NW underplastron 40.00 FIE 800NW
LH WS117 350NW  traning jacket(black/pink) 25.00 CE 350NW
Back-zip WS117-1 350NW traning vest(black/pink) 20.00 CE 350NW
Lame Size Lames
Women size 36-50 WS094 Foil lame 45.00
Men size44-62 WS095 Washable foil lame(stainless) 55.00
Child size128-176 WS097 Sabre lame 70.00
Color:Gray and Blue WS098 Washable sabre lame(stainless) 100.00
WS094-1 Electric lame material (length 1M,width 1.5M) 40.00
WS095-1 Stainless electric  lame materials  (length 1M,width 1.5M) 85.00
Chest Protectors
Men’s size – XS, S, M, L WS099 Womens chest protector 18.00
Women’s size XS, S, M, L, XL WS100 Mens chest protector 18.00
Glove Size Gloves
size length WS102 Epee glove 12.00
5 16cm WS103 Foil glove 12.00
6 16.5cm WS104 Sabre glove with electric fabric 15.00
6.5 17.5cm WS105 Washable & corrosion resistant sabre glove with metal fabric 15.00
7 19cm WS106 Glove for training 8.00
7.5 20.5cm WS107 3 -weapon washable glove 15.00
8 22cm WS108 Sheepskin glove 15.00
8.5 23cm WS109 3-weapon washable glove(antislip) 15.00
9 24cm WS110 Coach glove with long sleeve 15.00
9.5 26cm WS111 Sabre cuff 10.00
10 27cm
10.5 28cm
11 30cm
11.5 30.5cm
Pistol  Grip Grips
Belgian WS015-1 Visconti epee pistol grip(S M L XL) 5.00
WS015-2 Belgian epee pistol grip(S M L) 5.00
WS015-3 Russian epee pistol grip(S M L) 5.00
WS015-4 Germany epee pistol grip (S M L) 5.00
Russia Germany WS015-5 Germany epee pistol grip for child 5.00
WS015-6 Hungary epee pistol grip 5.00
WS015-7 Holland epee pistol grip 5.00
WS015-8 Japan epee pistol girp 5.00
Germany Kids Hungary WS015-9 Epee pistol grip for Child 5.00
WS016-1 Visconti foil pistol grip(S M L XL) 5.00
WS016-2 Belgian foil pistol grip (S M L) 5.00
WS016-3 Russian foil pistol grip (S M L) 5.00
Holland Japan WS016-4 Germany foil pistol grip (S M L) 5.00
WS016-5 Germany foil pistol grip for child 5.00
WS016-6 Hungary foil pistol grip 5.00
WS016-7 Holland foil pistol grip 5.00
WS016-8 Japan foil pistol girp 5.00
China Kids WS016-9 Foil pistol grip for Child 5.00
WS017 Epee rubber french handle(Plastic inside) 4.00
WS018 Foil rubber french handle(Plastic inside) 4.00
WS019 Sabre rubber french handle(Plastic inside) 4.00
WS017-1 Epee rubber french handle(Aluminum inside) 5.00
WS018-1 Foil rubber french handle(Aluminum inside) 5.00
WS019-1 Sabre rubber french handle(Aluminum inside) 5.00
The grip for epee is unpainted, for foil pistol grip, S is Yellow,M is blue,and L is red WS020 Inside Hexagon Nut 0.50
WS017-1 Epee plastic french handle 2.00
WS018-1 Foil plastic french handle 2.00
WS019-1 Sabre plastic french handle 2.00
WS022 Epee guard 5.00
WS022-1 Childs epee guard 5.00
WS022-2 Dull polish epee guard 5.00
WS022-3 Golden epee guard 8.00
WS023 Foil guard 5.00
WS023-1 Childs foil guard 5.00
WS023-2 Dull polish foil guard 5.00
WS023-3 Golden foil guard 8.00
WS024 Sabre guard 5.50
WS024-1 Childs sabre guard 5.50
WS024-2 Dull polish sabre guard 6.00
WS024-3 Golden Sabre guard 10.00
WS025 Epee thick felt guard padding (red /blue/orange/pink) 1.00
WS026 Foil thick felt guard padding (red /blue/orange/pink) 1.00
WS027 Sabre thick felt guard padding (red /blue/orange/pink) 1.00
WS027-1 PVC guard padding(foil/epee/sabre) 1.00
WS027-3 Transparent guard padding(foil/epee/sabre) 1.00
WS028 Sabre guard sleeve(blue/red colour) 1.00
Plug color – red, blue, clear, black. Wire colour – blue, clear WS029 Epee bodywire 8.00
WS030 Foil/Sabre bodywire – 2 pin 8.00
WS031 Foil/Sabre bodywire – bayonet 8.00
WS033 Epee socket 4.00
WS034 Foil 2 pin socket 4.00
WS035 Foil bayonet socket 4.00
WS036 Sabre socket 4.00
Points & Wire
WS040 Epee point 5.00
WS041 Foil point 5.00
WS044 Epee wire(german/french) 1.00
WS045 Foil wire(german/french) 1.00
WS046 Foil/Sabre mask wire 3.00
WS145 Epee Point Tip 2.00
WS146 Epee Point Barrel 2.00
WS147 Epee Point Tip spring (10 pcs) 1.00
WS148 Epee point Pressure spring(10 pcs) 1.00
WS149 Epee point Screw(10 pcs) 1.00
WS154 Foil Electric Point Tip 3.00
WS155 Foil Electric Point Barrel 2.00
WS156 Foil Point Spring(10 pcs) 1.00
WS157 Foil Point Screw(10 pcs) 1.00
Color for Wheelbag Fencing Bags
WS071 Jumbo Wheel Bag(Three compartment roll bag)(8kgs) 80.00
WS072 Two compartment roll bag(7.5kgs) 75.00
Light Blue
WS073 Allstar style Two compartment roll bag(7.5kgs) 75.00
WS073-1 One compartment roll bag 70.00
WS074 Junior roll bag(4.5kgs) 70.00
Navy Blue WS074-1 A Shape Fencing Roll Bag(without metal frame-3kgs) 70.00
WS075 Two compartment  Fencing Bag without wheel(3kgs) 70.00
Red WS076 Double Layer A Shape Bag(2kgs) 40.00
WS077 Double layer A shape bag(2.2kgs) 40.00
Blue WS078 Singler Layer A Shape Bag(1kgs) 35.00
WS079 Student’ Fencing Bag(0.7kgs) 35.00
Gray WS080 Double Sword Bag(0.5kgs) 10.00
WS081 Sword Bag(0.2kgs) 10.00
Yellow WS082 Bare Blade Bag(0.05kgs) 5.00
WS083 Mask Bag(0.1kgs) 5.00
Oranger WS084 PVC blade protector  bag(0.2kgs) 5.00
WS084-1 One compartment rectangular fencing bag 40.00
Fencing Shoes
Child shoes size WS112 DO-WIN LOW TOP fencing shoes 30.00
size inside length WS112-1 Lining professional fencing shoes(ADAE038-1) sizes from 39 to 41. 60.00
31 20cm WS112-3 Lining professional fencing shoes(ADAE040-1) 30.00
33 21cm WS112-4 Lining professional fencing shoes(ADAE040-3) 30.00
35 23cm WS112-6 Lining professional fencing shoes(ADAF002-1) 30.00
WS112-8 Lining professional fencing shoes(ADAF004) sizes from 37 to 41 30.00
WS112-9 Lining professional child  fencing shoes(ADAE042-1) 28.00
WS112-10 Lining professional child fencing shoes(ADAE042-3) 28.00
WS113 Fencing socks(S M L) 5.00
Coaching Clothing
WS115 Leather jacket(washable) 85.00
WS116 Leather vest 85.00
WS118 Leather sleeve 30.00
WS119 Leather leg protector 35.00
WS120 Sabre leather mask protector 20.00
Other Equipment
Second hand breaches in good condition and various sizes 10.00
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