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Documents for Fencers, Coaches and Clubs

Here are a range of Word documents which I use in my own coaching work which many other fencers, coaches and clubs may find of use.  These are free for people to make use of but I would appreciate being acknowledged for providing them.  Also, I would be interested in any feedback if you make use of any of these things.

Training and Coaching

Routines and Exercises for Individual Lessons – This details routines and exercises which I have used in my own individual lessons and these exercises are ones which I like and have found to be effective.  This includes foil, epee and some sabre.  There are over 50 pages and something over 200 or so exercises.  If you are a coach, try some of these out and see how you like them.  A small selection of some of these exercises can be seen on my Youtube channel at .

Training Sessions – This contains detailed accounts of training activities in sessions run as part of the Yorkshire Regional training program from 1996 to 98.  The coaches running the sessions are Ziemowit Wojciechowski, Tomek Waliki and Lazlo Jakab.  Also these is a detailed account of the training activities at the 1997 Szombatheley Training Camp in Hungary, this includes – strength  and conditioning sessions, individual lessons, coach education sessions etc.  I have attended this Training Camp many times and in 2009 I filmed the coach education sessions I attended and other aspects of the camp.  This can be found at my Youtube channel at .

Fencing Circuit Routine Table – This is a 2 sided A4 sheet which can be folded.  This provides footwork based exercises for fencers to perform in their own time.  It is designed to be simple, flexible and effective and follows a circuit training structure to provide an exercise routine which can be intense, does not take long and can be adjusted to a fencers capabilities.  This is good for fencers who are motivated to do more than their club training and need a starting point for self motivated additional training.  A number of successful fencers I have coached have used these routines.

Basic Fencing Exercises – This little booklet gives descriptions and illustrations of basic fencing actions and positions and gives exercises to practice and improve performance of basic fencing skills

Pool Sheets and Bout Sheets – Good for Club use or Competitions

Pool Sheet – This is an A4 pool sheet including the bout order for anything from 4 to 8 fencers and for teams fencing 9 bouts to 5, also it includes a team relay section and a table for working out 1st indicators.  A good, versatile pool sheet to have to hand for club sessions.

Pool Unique Sheet – A simple pool unique sheet for up to 30 fencers.  Good for competitive club activities perhaps lasting over a number of sessions with more than 8 fencers.

Team Relay Sheet – An A4 sheet which can be cut to A5 containing 2 team relay sheets.

Team Pool Sheet – A pool sheet for team events with 9 matches to 5, also incorporates a small team relay section.

Direct Elimination Sheet – This is an A4 sheet with the layout for up to 17 direct elimination bouts to be scored.

Direct Elimination Bouts-L16 – This is an A4 sheet which can be cut to A5 containing to sets of direct elimination sheets enabling a last 16 to be fenced on 2 pistes down to the final.  The sheet cascades winners down to appropriate bouts such that there is no need for the involvement of competition organisers.  The competition organisers just need to give a sheet to 2 referees and the last 16 takes care of itself.

Direct Elimination Tableau – L16 – A last 16 tableau, incorporates a section for marking off scores.

Direct Elimination Tableau L32 – A last 32 tableau.

Direct Elimination Cards – An A4 sheet which may be cut into 10 cards for sorting seeding after pools for competitions with 1 or 2 round of pools.  Cards are sorted into order based on 1st and 2nd indicators and may then be seeded and entered onto direct elimination tableau and bout sheets.

Fencing Ladder Form – This is a score sheet for a fencing ladder based competition.  In this competition nobody is eliminated and fencers accumulate results as they attempt to work their way to the top of the ladder.  Each fencer has a score sheet which is filled out after each competition.  This competition formula works best when there are more than perhaps 12 fencers and more than 1½ hours.  This is a seriously enjoyable and exciting form of competition which I have run many times and can be run over a number of club sessions.  the formula for determining final positions is designed to favour fencers who manage to fence lots of bouts and win most of them over fencers who fence few bouts and win all of them.

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  1. November 14, 2014 1:13 am

    Thanks for a really useful resource, it must have taken you an age

  2. November 14, 2014 11:13 pm

    Hi Keith,
    Thanks for your appreciation, these are all things I’ve put together over time in the course of my work as a coach…….sort of goes with the job.

  3. December 14, 2020 2:16 pm

    Thanks for this resource Adam!! Love from Street Swords!

  4. Shane Whelan, IRL permalink
    April 29, 2021 11:35 am

    Many thanks for the website and documents…very informative and helpful!
    Fencers Salute -)——-

    • April 29, 2021 11:44 am

      You are very welcome, perhaps you have come across my youtube channel also

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