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Yorkshire Team Foil 2013 – Results

July 8, 2013

Phenomenal Yorkshire Team foil Competition today with 16 teams, fencing from before 9.40am till 6.00pm on a hot Sunday, about 50 or so team matches took place in all, everybody seems to have had a great day of fencing.  Very proud of all the fencers I coach (which included 9 of the teams and many individuals from the other teams).  Having set up the big screen display showing Wimbledon, it seems there were injury breaks were used to allow people to watch Andy Murray inaction.  I fenced in the Sheffield Buccaneers B team and we came 3rd, Sheffield Buccaneers A team won the event, Sheffield Buccaneers C came 5th.  Here are all the results, just click on the links for each stage


Team Match Pool Plan-3


Team Match Tableaux-4

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